Monday, 10 July 2017

Weaver fever

Electronic music doesn't generally grab me like the sound of squalling guitars, but every now and then I get teased, tantalised and tempted by something synth-based. Jane Weaver's latest album 'Modern Kosmology' is a great example of such electronica making me all hot under the collar. In a largely unfulfilling year so far, this is one record that's been getting quite a bit of play time in TheRobster family car. I enjoyed her last album, but this one really is the ticket.

Slow Motion is one of my singles of the year; a pristine piece of psyche-pop.

Follow-up single Did You See Butterflies? is altogether more dreamy and spacey, but no less engaging.


  1. It's a sublime album. Has had a lot of airplay here too!

  2. I really like those two - off to buy them and possibly the rest of the album

  3. Not seeing the fascination. I've been told I should see her at Liverpool psych fest.

  4. Magical. Off to see her later in the year, all being well.