Monday, 24 July 2017

Out The Way!

The new Nadine Shah record could well prove to be the album of the year. She's put out three tracks so far and all are startlingly good, but this one in particular is absolutely mindlblowing. It's powerful, both musically and lyrically. Nadine's delivery is sparky and passionate, and the video is utterly stunning. Combined, it's all rather uncomfortable, but life really is for many people at the moment, particularly those who find themselves unwelcome in their own country (like this one) purely because of their ethnic origin. Or those fleeing from war and finding themselves not welcome by those who should be helping them. That's what Out The Way is all about.

Nadine's new songs sound confrontational and fiery, but that's proving to be a fine thing. The new album 'Holiday Destination' is out on 25th August. That's, like, a whole MONTH away. I don't think I can wait...


  1. I totally agree Robster. Everything I've heard from it so far tells me that 'Holiday Destination' will be right up there come year's end. Pete Wareham's sax stabs on 'Out the Way' are incendiary.

  2. Quite a discovery. That is excellent and I will be investigating further. Thanks Robster

  3. Got Santa to bring me the album on the back of solid recommendations from folk I admire across the's been my first exposure to Ms Shah and I'm not regretting it.