Monday, 26 June 2017

The Genius of Nick Cave

#23: No Pussy Blues

One thing Nick Cave has long been renowned for is his lyrics. His knack for storytelling rates him among the greats like Dylan and Cash. He's a folk singer, first and foremost. Often, beneath the surface text there are deeper, underlying meanings, all kinds of connotations and contexts; metaphors and subtexts. So, what are we to make of No Pussy Blues from the first Grinderman album? What wisdom lies behind the words? Well, according to Nick himself: "It's just about not getting any pussy when I grew my moustache." I'm guessing cats are not involved here... So there we are then. Sometimes we shouldn't think to hard about these things...

Here's an explosive live version from Jools Holland. I feel sorry for whoever had to follow this...


  1. I've just been extolling the virtues of this occasional series over at Swiss Adam's place. Thank you for confirming all that I said.

    Was lucky enough to see Grinderman at Glasgow Barrowlands back in 2010. They were a real tour-de-force with the material sounding better in the live setting than in the studio context

  2. Haven't played the Grinderman albums in a while - I must dig 'em out.