Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Reggae Wednesday #9

The Rhythmites formed in Bath (nr. Bristol) in the mid-80s and quickly forged themselves a reputation as a brilliant live band on the free festival circuit. I saw them a few times in various places around the west country during the early 90s. One gig in particular sticks with me as I got phenomenally drunk and had to be carried out. It was over a girl, of course.

After a couple of cassette-only releases, they released their debut album 'Integration' in 1989. No further records followed before the band split in 2000. However, they reformed in 2007 and, in 2010, put out the long-awaited (21 years!) follow-up 'Stand Strong'. That vinyl-only debut remained elusive however. That is until Bristol Archive Records re-released it on CD and digitally in 2015 with two bonus dubs.

Here's the opening kind-of title track ripped from the original vinyl. It still sounds good.


  1. Appropriate today that it's a double reggae charged particle!

  2. Was just about to say exactly what JTFL psoted on the day!!!

    For anyone who might not know what we are on about,

    Posted the same day as 'Nation Integration'

    Spooky and uncanny.