Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Reggae Wednesday

Here's one of my all-time favourite reggae tunes. Once it gets in my head, it refuses to leave. The oddly-named Clint Eastwood (not the actor) was already an established deejay in Jamaica when he teamed up with British deejay General Saint in the early 80s. They went on to release a few albums together and enjoyed moderate commercial success.

Stop That Train, the title track of their second album, may be one of their best known songs, but you might be surprised how many others of theirs you recognise. You're getting the original 12" version today because you deserve it.


  1. I actually saw these guys in concert in 1983 or 1984 and remember it as being the most joyful of evenings - pure fun. There was even an enjoyable drum solo!

  2. I'm sure these guys played Strathclyde University Students Union in 83 or 84 and that I was in the audience for the gig. But then again, I was never a huge fan of reggae and I've a feeling I didn;t stay for the whole show, preferring to head downstairs from Level 8 to the area where the goth disco was happening...