Saturday, 1 October 2016

The Genius Of Nick Cave

#18: More News From Nowhere

The closing track from the brilliant 'Dig! Lazarus, Dig!!!' album brings together lots of interesting characters, including a male fan who Nick blinds with his pen, a "black girl with no clothes on" who he gets to know intimately for a number of years, and a woman named Deanna. That Deanna? Well, More News... does sound melodically similar to 'Tender Prey''s opener, that's all I'll say. The single was edited, but the video was made for the full eight-minute album version. It features cameo appearances from (among others) Will Self, Peaches Geldof and Beth Orton!

By the way - this is 'Is This The Life?''s 500th post. Officially. To be fair, it's actually something like the 505th or something, but I removed a few that I didn't consider to be 'proper' posts, so this is the 'proper' 500th. I'm pretty amazed I'm still here writing this nonsense. I'm even more amazed you lot are still here reading it. Have you nothing better to do?

Gawd only knows if there's another 500 posts in me (I highly doubt it), but I've got enough to take us to Christmas. I think. A huge thank you to everyone for stopping by, reading, commenting and generally feeding my ego and sharing my fixation with pop music. You make my world that little bit better.


  1. > By the way - this is 'Is This The Life?''s 500th post.

    And I've partially read some of them.
    Well done to me ;)

  2. I have to thank you for bringing new sounds to my ears. Following your post is still a great fun to me. Keep on posting after Christmas.

  3. Great stuff as ever Robster. Immense quality throughout all your posts. Congrats on the landmark.

    This song is up there among my all time favourite Nick Cave tracks as I hopefully demonstrated with the recent ICA being extended to 11 songs just so that 'More News' could end it.

    Thanks for everything here and over at my place. You're a true talent.