Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Welsh Wednesday #50

#50: That's All Folks! by Catatonia

So the series hits 50, but despite the title of today's track, that's far from all folks. Like it or not, there's at least another 50 instalments to come. But to mark the half century, here's probably my very favourite Catatonia song. I can't help but be moved whenever it plays, though it's somewhat ominous in its tone and delivery. Cerys sounds fragile throughout, the trappings of a rock 'n' roll lifestyle beginning to take hold, perhaps?

  "I feel winter's breath in my bones
  But I'm a loose cannon whore, knows the score
  Shown the door before the night's out
  At least you wear your bruises well
  At least you have some tales, something about you"

It could be taken as a sign that all wasn't well in the ranks, the first rumblings of troubles that often accompanies fame. It could be some sort of resignation that the fame the band had achieved marked the end of an era when they were probably at their happiest. Yet there's an air of defiance as the song rises into the final three minutes and Cerys yells "That's all folks, fuck all folks / 275 pounds of nothing!" One of the saddest, and most mystifying things of all though, is how the hell did this song just end up as a b-side? It was immeasurably better than anything on the last two albums. It should have been held over for the third album in my opinion. Instead it languished on the flip of the fifth single from 'International Velvet'. A criminal decision.

I really love this track, and on that basis it is a fitting one to celebrate the first landmark of the Welsh Wednesday series. More delights to come; watch this space.

(For some strange reason, the only online clip of this song I can find has been set to a compilation of death scenes in some anime series. I'm sparing you that - just click anywhere other than the title below and you can hear the song without the awful visuals...)


  1. 50 not out in this excellent series .Very impressive Robster .Keep 'em coming! An excellent way to bring up your half century

  2. What a great track, thanks for posting it.