Tuesday, 11 August 2015

MrsRobster's birthday post

Today the love of my life celebrates another birthday, so here's a special post just for her. First, her favourite track from the debut (and to date only) album by Filthy Boy. It's a record about the dirtier and darker side of life, though Jimmie Jammies bucks the trend somewhat. It's about an old couple who are about to enjoy their last night of passion together. It's funny and cute, but sad at the same time. Probably why MrsRobster likes it so much.


And here's one of her favourite bands, the amazing Public Service Broadcasting. We saw them twice in 2013 and we're going to see them again in the autumn. MrsRobster has really taken to their new album 'The Race For Space', and one of her fave tracks - The Other Side - marks the occasion of the first manned orbit of the moon. It's their new single, but here's a live version:

Happy birthday babe! x