Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Welsh Wednesday #34

#34: Ymaelodi Â'r Ymylon by Super Furry Animals

This coming weekend, MrsRobster and I will be catching Super Furry Animals at their three-night residency at Cardiff University. Tickets are like gold dust, as you'd imagine, these being the first shows the band have done for five years. It's anyone's guess if this is the end of their hiatus, a temporary return to remind us they're still alive or a farewell. I do so hope it's not the latter.

It's being marketed as a promotional tour for the re-release of their Welsh language album 'Mwng' (trans: Mane), originally released 15 years ago. It came out on the band's own Placid Casual label, sandwiched as it was between Creation Records dissolving and their subsequent signing to Sony. The album was a back-to-basics effort - recorded live and costing just £6000.

Ymaelodi Â'r Ymylon (trans: Joining the periphery) is typical of its no nonsense approach. It's quite obviously a Super Furry Animals song, but without the techie gadgetry that graced their previous records, in particular 'Guerrilla', the record that immediately preceded 'Mwng'.

I expect much of 'Mwng' to be played at the weekend. Bring it on, I say. To be honest, the Furries could play for 10 hours performing Plaid Cymru's election manifesto for all I care. It would still be one of the most entertaining shows I'll have seen for years.

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  1. Every band is reforming and releasing new material, let's hope that the Super Furries do the same.