Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Welsh Wednesday #33

#33: Peripheral Thermal (L) by R.Seiliog

Cardiff's Robin Edwards a.k.a. R.Seiliog is the leading exponent of new Welsh electronica. He's come a long way in such a short time. Having started out quietly making minimalist kosmiche electronica, he spent the best part of three years touring, and occasionally recording, with the likes of compatriots Cate le Bon, H. Hawkline, Gruff Rhys and Euros Childs.

His debut EP 'Shuffles' brought numerous other influences into an already heady mix, in particular Krautrock. James Dean Bradfield of Manic Street Preachers declared it record of the year in 2013 and brought Edwards in to remix tracks from the Manics' next album 'Futurology'.

R.Seiliog's debut full-length hit the shelves right towards the end of last year. Entitled 'In Hz', it's a terrific mix of sounds that takes a few listens to get your head around; there really is so much going on in there. Peripheral Thermal (L) is a highlight for me, a rather menacing, densely-layered 4½ minutes of kosmiche terror.

Oh, the (L) stands for 'Left', as the track has a companion piece on the album entitled Peripheral Thermal (R). I'll leave you to work that one out.

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  1. R.Seiliog is very interesting. James Dean Bradfield played something by him when he took over The Freak Zone a few months back. I checked out his Soundcloud page at the time. Must go back and investigate further.