Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Welsh Wednesday #15

#15: Gimme Back My Morphine by Henry's Funeral Shoe

Not being Welsh can have its setbacks when it comes to pronouncing place names around here. I'm much better now than when I first got here, mind. For instance I can now say Ystrad Mynach pretty darn close to how it should sound, but back in 2001 my attempts caused much amusement among my new colleagues.

"Hey Kev," my then boss called to our colleague after one such effort. "Come and listen to this English twat say Ystrad Mynach..."

Anyway, Ystrad Mynach is a village in the south Wales valleys in the county of Caerphilly. From there, an awesome sibling duo by the name of Henry's Funeral Shoe blast out loud, fuzzy, rockin' blues that has earned them much respect on the live circuit around the UK. In 2012 they hit the States playing rough bars in Detroit and somehow found themselves on a cruise ship hanging out with Kiss!

Their most recent release, the 'Comfortable Skin' EP that came out in August, is testament to this. For today's posting, I've selected a track from their second album, 2011's 'Donkey Jacket', a fine example of what they do so well.

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