Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Welsh Wednesday #14

Happy Active Horse Organ by Mowbird

Wrexham: home town of weathergirl Sian Lloyd, footballers Robbie Savage and Mark Hughes, Olympic rowing double gold medallist Tom James and, erm, Russell Crowe's grandfather. Wales' most northeasterly major town is also home to Mowbird, a combo who describe themselves as a "DIY quartet". Since 2010's debut EP 'Excellent, OK', they've put out a string of singles and EPs, mostly through Bandcamp and many of them for free.

This year they got around to releasing their debut full-length album 'Islander', and a lot of fun it is too. Lo-fi, fuzzy and refreshingly honest, it's quirky enough to put a smile on your face, but not dumb enough to dismiss as mere novelty. On the contrary, I want more bands to be like this rather than disappear up their own backsides as they have the tendency to do.

Today's Welsh Wednesday pick is a song that originally featured on that shiny debut EP, only I've chosen the even shinier made-over version that appears on the album. I'm not sure if the Happy Active Horse Organ of the title is the organ that's played on the song itself, but I like to think it is (as I have no idea what else it could mean...)

If you like this, download more Mowbird stuff via their Bandcamp page. A lot of freebies to be had there...

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