Thursday, 21 August 2014

Penblwydd Hapus TheMadster!

Yep, another birthday, for 17 years ago to the day, TheMadster was thrust into this world. And the world hasn't recovered yet! I can still remember it like it was yesterday. There's a photo of MrsRobster and I just minutes after the miracle had happened[1]. Yes, in spite of everything MrsRobster had been through in the hours immediately preceding it, she still looked like the cutest thing ever gifted to the Earth. Me - well there I was, bright yellow 'Screamadelica' t-shirt, hair a darn-sight longer (and more plentiful) than it is now and a look of sheer terror in my eyes.

"Holy fuck this is real," I was probably thinking. "So, errr, what happens now? Do I get like a user guide or something?"

And two and a half years later, just to prove how I never learn, sprog #2 (hereby known as TheDoopster) popped out. Anyway, I digress. I revealed a few months ago how I took my first-born to her very first gig in January (Frank Turner in Cardiff). Next month, her mum and I will be taking her with us to see the wonderful First Aid Kit in Bristol. Fair to say then that as parents we haven't done a bad job in educating our children.

TheMadster is also a fan of Jack White and is desperate to see him live too. She's jealous that we saw the White Stripes in 2001 and asks why we didn't take her with us.

"Er, because you were FOUR!" is the response.

"So?" she retorts. "What's that got to do with it?"

Good point, especially as I have fond memories of her singing along to I Think I Smell A Rat during car journeys which involved the ritual playing of 'White Blood Cells'. So while I can't go back in time and sneak her into what was probably an age-restricted show anyway, I can dedicate a tune to her on her 17th birthday. Along with her mother, she's really into Jack's sophomore solo effort Lazaretto at the mo. 

She's proud of the fact she shares her birthday with one of her heroes - Usain Bolt. I share mine with Nelson Mandela, Richard Branson and Screaming Jay Hawkins, but TheMadster still reckons the fastest man on Earth trumps them all! Whatever, while she may not have made the Welsh 800m team for the Commonwealth Games this year, she may well win gold in the best-music-taste-at-her-club stakes.

Rock on, Madster.


[1] No, I'm not going to post it here. We're not at our best, darlings...
[2] As far as mad, crazy, fucking way-out-there Jack White ideas go, this is right up there with the maddest, craziest, most way-out-there... and probably the most awesome: Lazaretto Ultra LP. The guy's both a genius and cool as fuck. I should hate him for that but just can't...


  1. I was very fortunate to see the white stripes. I've seen jack white twice in recent times. The most recent a couple of weeks back. This being the finest yet. Yes the man is a genius. In fact the most important artist of the millennium in my eyes.

  2. Question - Do you have a dog ? If so is it called TheDogster ?

    1. I don't, but it probably would be. We have a rabbit called Eric, but to protect his identity online, he would be TheBunster. Except I've already told you his real name so that's buggered that theory...

  3. Happy Birthday from me! And yes; you should indeed have taken her with you to that gig, despite her age!