Monday, 11 August 2014

Penblwydd Hapus MrsRobster!

Today is MrsRobster's birthday. Of course, I'm far too polite and chivalrous to tell you how old she is - let's just say she's a woman in her prime and still a good few years younger than me!

There is only one proper way to celebrate the occasion and that's to play music. She's a bit of a fan of Teleman's debut album, and fair play to her it is a flippin' good listen. If you didn't know, Teleman were formed following the dissolution of the rather good Pete & the Pirates whose second (and sadly final) album 'One Thousand Pictures' became a bit of a Robster family favourite. Three fifths of the band reformed as Teleman and released the album 'Breakfast' last month on the increasingly brill Moshi Moshi Records.

MrsRobster is particularly fond of the song Steam Train Girl so this one's for her.


Steam Train Girl – Teleman (from 'Breakfast')