Saturday, 24 July 2021

L #6 (the next decade)

Today's 'L' is represented by the artist rather than the song title...

The 2020s

To herald in my 6th decade, we come bang up to date with a track and video from 2021 that blows my fucking mind! It's not the sort of thing I usually listen to, but the wonderful Mary Anne Hobbs played it on her BBC 6 Music show one weekday lunchtime and I immediately had to find out what it was. It was Introvert by Little Simz.

Her new album 'Sometimes I Might Be Introvert' is out in September and it sounds like it's going to be one of the best of the year! The video takes the song to a whole new level.

Tomorrow we return to the R.E.M. Imaginary Singles...


  1. This is bloody brilliant. I've heard a few other songs from her forthcoming album and it's on my 'To Buy' list. Completely agree that it's going to be a 2021 highlight amongst some awesome. I'm finding that "not the sort of thing I usually listen to" has increasingly become "what I listen to". I've been equally blown away by Sampa The Great and Kelsey Lu, both who I belatedly discovered during lockdown, but Little Simz is up there with them. A great way to end the birthday celebration week, Robster, hope it's been a great week on a personal level too.

  2. This is extraordinary. Like you and most readers of this blog, not our usual thing, but stupendous, song, lyric, video. Thank you so much. 2021, here we come.

  3. What a phenomenal piece of art this is. The music, the video - outrageously ambitious and successful on every level. How do you even go about writing a song like that? Jaw-dropping stuff.