Monday 24 October 2016

50 albums to take to my grave #44: Adore Life

"I will die, maybe tomorrow / So I need to say / I adore life."

If I was to die tomorrow, I sure as hell want to take something bang up to date with me. Choosing something that only came out this year should be a tough choice. But it's not. For without a moment's hesitation, I would grab 'Adore Life' by Savages and die happy. I'm not going to go on and on about how much I love this record - regular readers already know I adore this band (pun intended). If you need reminding, see here and here. I'll probably write more about it in my end-of-year round-up.

To be fair, I'm not really sure what else I want to say about 'Adore Life'. I've written a few paragraphs and promptly deleted them as they didn't hit the mark. But what I will say is - for a young band to put this out as only their second album, one of the most assured and striking records of the year, is a remarkable feat. Let's leave it at that for now.

With 'Adore Life' in my coffin, I can probably adore death.

This frankly astonishing video conveys all the intensity of the album in one single clip. Jehnny Beth is arguably the most compelling frontperson in rock right now. In some shots she looks like she's about to kick your head in. In others, she looks like she's about to fuck your brains out. Seriously, seriously great stuff.

BONUS: This live performance of Sad Person on 'Later...With Jools Holland' is also pretty phenomenal!


  1. I said before that I saw a glimpse of them on tv and then I found that you posted something, you helped me discover this beautiful noise.

  2. Absolute right. Probably the best record this year. I am working on my year's end list and Adore Life will be surely on a very high position.

  3. Intense is the word. I give you full credit for turning me on to Savages.