Monday, 11 May 2015

Vintage Vinyl #9

Neneh Cherry - Manchild 7"
Bought from Kelly's Records, Cardiff
Price paid: £1

I have to confess to knowing very little about Neneh Cherry. I remember seeing her on Top Of The Pops while she was very heavily pregnant, blazing a trail for women in pop music the world over. I later bought her second album 'Homebrew' on the strength of a track on which she duetted with Michael Stipe. Stipe also performed a rap on the same track and is cringe-inducingly awful...

Manchild was her second solo single, following the massive success of her debut track Buffalo Stance (one of the most magnificent debut singles of all time? Discuss.) It was more melodic and laid back than its predecessor, but a good track nonetheless.

Under the main LP racks at Kelly's, there's a shedload of plastic storage boxes containing 7" singles of varying quality costing a quid each. Each time I go there, I pick a box at random, mainly for amusement's sake. Occasionally I'll stop and look at something, smile and put it back. On one occasion though I spotted the Manchild 7" and decided it was more than worth a pound of my money.

After three solo albums, Neneh became more low-key, concentrating on other musical projects. Last year though, she released her fourth record to high acclaim. Decent though it is, there's nowt on there to compare with her early solo stuff.


Now I know I normally post both sides of my Vintage Vinyl singles, but I'm currently without my vinyl-ripping facility. I've searched high and low on t'internet for the b-side - Manchild [original mix] - to no avail. If anyone can oblige, I'd be grateful.

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