Thursday, 22 July 2021

L #4

The 2000s

While most people give up on music when they hit their 30s, I was still making life-changing discoveries. The White Stripes definitely saved me from a life of buying Coldplay records when Jack and Meg pummelled my lugholes into submission with their primal garage blues. And they looked fucking great as well!

The letter 'L' today is represented by Little Ghost, a track from the dynamic duo's 2005 album 'Get Behind Me Satan', and quite frankly if this wonderful live version doesn't have you grinning like a goon, then you're not alive!


  1. My 30s were probably my musical prime
    And yes the White Stripes contributed to that

  2. As many times as I try, I just don't get anything from The White Stripes. While everyone in NYC was falling over themselves to pledge their love for The Strokes, along came The White Stripes and it was like the New York Post Punk revival never happened. I think it was all the hype that put The White Stripes behind the 8 Ball for me - it certainly had been a lot to do with my yawn reaction over The Strokes - but I've tried many times to find a track that works for me. I get the whole Garage Revival thing which they got lumped into. It was kind of a catch all for all the bands that came after Grunge. To this day, Seven Nation Army sounds like a missing Black Sabbath song to me.

  3. Jack White is an immense force for good in the music industry in general and the vinyl revival in particular, but, much like my esteemed blogging colleague Echorich it seems, The White Stripes themselves just left me cold. Can't put my finger on why.

  4. I think I was focusing again on electronica and not so much on indie/guitar bands in the late 1990s/early 2000s so neither The Strokes nor The White Stripes immediately excited my interest. Bizarrely, I think it was Go Home Productions' mash up of Jay-Z's Encore with The White Stripes' My Doorbell that got me to buy the 'original' albums for each. Apart from Get Behind Me Satan, I only have Elephant, plus a smattering of singles. This includes an Icky Thump 2x 7" - I think one half of this was a giveaway with NME? GBMS is a great album.