Wednesday, 10 June 2020

The Lockdown posts: Welsh Wednesday 2020 #4

The Spaceships Of Ezekiel by Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard

Today's band once declared that "all band names are stupid". To this end, they dubbed themselves Massive Weed Wizard Bastard, possibly the stupidest band name ever. But don't let that put you off. No, don't. Because Wrexham's MWWB (as I shall be calling them) make one almighty racket that has been whomping my dark soul for a few years now.

As they put it: "[We are] three ape descendants and an astral seraphim combining their powers to generate colossal interstellar arias of plutonium weight." Indeed they are. Essentially, if you want a description of their sound, it's kind of psychedelic, sci-fi doom metal. Yep, I thought I'd lose pretty much all my readers with that. Regardless, here's a track from MWWB's third album 'Yn Ol I Annwn' (trans: 'Return To The Underworld'), released last year. And ROCK like the proverbial bastard it most certainly does.

The video is a homage to John Carpenter's 80s sci-fi horror movies, and it's littered with references to his films.

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