Saturday, 25 April 2020

The Lockdown posts: Alternative Kitchen Disco #2

What the effin' heck does that mean? Drop what like it's hot? Well, apparently it's the act of a lady with an ample behind crouching and shaking it provocatively as seen in pretty much every hip-hop video in the last 10 years. It became popular through a Snoop Dogg song of the same name. Quite how MrsRobster came across this term is a mystery, but she thought it provided a link between the kitchen and music so daubed it across the splashboard in place of her previous work.

For the record, I have not been playing any hip-hop or r&b of late, and certainly nothing that one can "drop it like it's hot" to. But I have soundtracked my kitchen exploits with the following in the last few days:

I initially tried the new Anna Burch album but turned it off after a few tracks. Its unchanging mid-tempo plod was not exactly a cure for boredom. So I put the debut album by London duo Sorry on instead. That was much better. I know very little about his pair, only recently becoming acquainted with them, but they seem to throw various influences in the same pot and manage to make it work. I can detect all sorts of things in their sound, but I'll let you try and spot some of them. Liking this a lot.

The new album by Milk Teeth is also giving me pleasure. Yes, it does sound rather 90s, but you know - good 90s. Like, Veruca Salt 90s. What the hell, anything's better than the neverending 80s obsession that's lasting longer than the 80s ever did! Milk Teeth's parents clearly had some good records!

And on Thursday night, I also played the new Le Butcherettes EP again. Short, yeah, but better than nothing. As you'd expect, there's all sorts going on in such a short amount of time. This video sees Teri and Marfred do Misery. If I'm being honest, I think I'd be far more afraid of Teri than Kathy Bates, however awesome I think she is!

Not sure you can 'drop it' to any of these tunes, but they're pretty 'hot'. Whatever that means.

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  1. Another post! I agree with the Milk Teeth one, it does remind you. The others I'm ambivalent.