Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Class of 2019 [2]

Here's another batch of vinyl I purchased this year. As has been the trend in recent years, most of the best new stuff has come from female artists. I had a discussion recently in my local independent record store Diverse with a member of the legendary Goldie Lookin' Chain (he works there). We ran off a list of female and female-fronted acts we've enjoyed albums by this year and he agreed the boys are lagging behind somewhat.

Last week I listed Stella Donnelly and Aldous Harding as two of my fave records of 2019. Here's a few more ladies who make the cut.

Cate Le Bon - 'Reward'
Without a doubt one of the best records to come out of Wales this year and it proved (if it ever needed proving) that Cate Le Bon is one of this proud nation's finest musicians. 'Reward' is another combination of psych and offbeat Welsh quirkiness along with some cracking songs. This amazing video for Home To You was shot in Bratislava, Slovakia. I don't know about you, but I'd love to hear that community orchestra's version in full...

Pip Blom - 'Boat'
From Wales to Holland. I remember introducing our good friend Brian to Pip Blom last year when I reviewed her support slot with the Breeders. I do hope he went out and bought 'Boat', Pip's debut album. It's really rather wonderful - old-school indie pop of the very highest order. Ruby is such a good song, isn't it?

Marika Hackman - 'Any Human Friend'
What a record this is. 'Any Human Friend' is Marika's boldest album to date. And boy does she do it in style. To be honest, even if The One was the only decent song on it (which it isn't, btw) I'd probably still love it. This song is so good because 1) it sounds like Heart Of Glass; 2) it's really rude and sweary; and 3) IT JUST IS, OK? Kick ass video too. As she herself puts it: "For all you attention whores and big-headed beauties, here is a song from the depths of my extraordinary ego."

Mattiel - 'Satis Factory'
As I write this, I cannot believe how good this year's albums have been. I'd be so hard pressed to name a top 5, there would be too many contenders. Mattiel's brilliant 'Satis Factory' would almost certainly be in with a huge shout. I love her glistening retro vibe, and her second album is drenched with it. I did think it would be difficult for her to top Count Your Blessings, but then she released Keep The Change. A stunning tune. The only flaw with the album is that its version of this song omits the backing vocals which I think are divine. But don't let that put you off.

Wow! Not sure how next week's tunes can match these, but we'll see...

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  1. Hi Robster. Cate Le Bon's album will be high up on my list this year as well. She just gets better and better. You (with a nudge from George as well) got me into her quite a few years ago now.