Friday, 1 June 2018

A song for... June

Today is a special day. It's our Wedding Anniversary. Fourteen years ago today, MrsRobster finally made an honest man of me. Sort of. To be fair, she'd pretty much done that over the previous 8½ years, but this just made it legal. She bemoans the fact that I didn't marry her sooner as "it'd be a good anniversary by now." By that, she means that had we married sooner, we'd have better gifts this year than we actually do. Each year of marriage represents something different, apparently. One year is paper, two years is cotton, etc. Interestingly, 27 years is music. Blimey, we've been celebrating that one for more than two decades already...

Anyway, this year (according to the modern list) is gold jewellery. She's happy about that. Now MrsRobster is absolutely not a materialistic person, quite the opposite. But the prospect of gold jewellery does bring a smile to her face. I should point out though that we've never actually bought each other gifts that conform to this daft system, so she shouldn't get too excited. I might buy her a cake. Knowing her the way I do, that would be far better received than some silly gold earrings or the like!

Anyway - this month's song comes from one of the very first recordings made by Smashing Pumpkins. Bye June was cut in 1989 and originally featured on the 'Moon' demo. A couple of years later, that same version was included on the 'Lull' EP following the release of the band's debut album 'Gish'. It's a simple acoustic track which belied their more recognisable aggressive alt-rock sound, but I quite like it.


  1. Happy anniversary Mr & Mrs Robster! Enjoy the cake.

  2. Such a perfect day. Well done Mr TheRobster.

  3. Congratulations to you and yours. Perhaps a 7" of Big Gold Dream by Fire Engines could suffice. Gold is a dream, and your relationship is still smokin'! Woo-hoo!