Saturday, 21 April 2018

Korea Opportunities #2

Remember last month when I struggled to find a half-decent band from Korea to post for TheDoopster's birthday? I knew there had to be plenty of good bands over there, but they proved so elusive to me. Then last week, I discovered Say Sue Me, a band from Busan whose sound is reminiscent of classic British indie bands from the 80s and 90s. They've just released their second album 'Where We Were Together' and it's rather good. Here's my favourite track from it, one of their faster, more raucous numbers.

I also love closing track Coming To The End. It was one of the last tracks they recorded with their drummer Kang Semin who had a fall while making the record and ended up in a coma. He remains a member of the band, though his role is being taken on a temporary basis by stand-ins while he recovers. I've made an edit of Coming To The End as a sample for you - the album version is 7½ minutes long. If you want the full version, buy the album from their Bandcamp page, along with their brand new covers EP, released for Record Store Day.


  1. A really good band that was on my list to investigate. Seem like the best jangling guitars today are played in Korea

  2. Very interesting indeed. Wouldn't have guessed their nationality in a million years from the music alone.

  3. You have mined another gem, Robster.