Friday, 15 December 2017

The Genius of Nick Cave

#29: Babe, You Turn Me On [live]

The double-album set 'Abattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus' is usually spoken of as one album, but to me, the reason each disc has its own title is because they are two different records. Sure, both have the gospel-tinge that Nick introduced at the time, but while 'Abattoir Blues' is full of energetic, sometimes loud songs, 'The Lyre Of Orpheus' is quieter, more restrained and a bit darker. One of the best things about this set though is it is what turned MrsRobster into a somewhat reluctant Nick Cave fan. She'd never rated him before this, but she enjoyed these albums and can now appreciate Nick's other work. Result!

Babe, You Turn Me On is from 'The Lyre Of Orpheus' and is lyrically wonderful. Nick uses the imagery of nature to describe a courting ritual, but can't resist adding a touch of his humour to proceedings:

  Now, the nightingale sings to you
  And raises up the ante
  I put one hand on your round ripe heart
  And the other down your panties

This version is from the 'Abattoir Blues Tour' DVD filmed at Brixton Academy.

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  1. Relieved that i'm not the only one who regards this as two albums!!

    I'm glad the live DVD came out to commemorate the tour as the two shows I saw in Glasgow were pretty special, although I was up in the gods foe one of them and the other was spoiled in the quiet bits by arseholes talking during the many quiet moments.

    The gospel singers addition to 'Stagger Lee' made it worth the admission alone. Goth rock as it should be....