Friday, 1 September 2017

No Plan

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, the blog is becoming a bit of a chore right now. That said, I don't want to end it as it does act as something of a release for the (very limited) creative side in me. It does mean, however, that I'm going to make it less regimented. You'll probably find a decrease in the number of posts I make here and fewer series. I want to be more sporadic and only post when I have something to say, rather than feel I have to continue a series until I reach a certain number of posts.

Well, that's the plan - for now, anyway. So some weeks I may post three or four things, other weeks may yield nothing. The plan is no plan. Well if it's OK with Mr Bowie it's OK by me...

This song was written by Bowie for the Lazarus musical where it is performed by teenager Sophia Anne Caruso in her role as 'Girl'. She made her debut in the part aged just 14! The full cast recording was made shortly after her 15th birthday. OK, so it's a little bit stage-school in its delivery, but theatre is supposed to be different to rock & roll, isn't it.

Couple of things to come next week so stay tuned for that...


  1. Your no plan sounds like a plan Robster!

  2. Glad to hear that you're sticking around Robster. Bowie's 'No Plan' is still a very tough listen.

  3. The one thing I never do is plan. I have found that if you plan something then something invariably goes wrong. Things never go to plan. It's better just to have a bloody good idea - and then if that cocks up, have another idea.

  4. "No Plan" and I thought I was going to read a critique of the UK governments Brexit strategy.

  5. I nearly bought the Lazarus soundtrack last year just for No Plan and the other songs on the bonus disc. Glad I held off. The No Plan EP out this past spring was worth the wait. Love this song so much I will probably bend all kinds of rules and make this my favorite song of 2017. Glad your sticking around, Robster. You'll find the mojo again.