Monday, 10 April 2017

The Genius Of Nick Cave

When I brought this series to a close last autumn, I did so reluctantly. The views had trailed off to the point where I thought my beloved readers had lost interest. Thing is, I still had quite a number of tracks I wanted to post. I've decided to put that right and revive the series, though it will now be monthly as opposed to weekly. To kick things back off, something quite ridiculous...

#21: Babe I'm On Fire

Babe I'm On Fire closed 2003's 'Nocturama', an album that may not rate among Nick's finest, but which still has some wonderful songs on regardless. This one is 15 minutes long and is so hilariously silly, it dispels the myths people have about Nick being depressing or dark. A 3-minute single edit was released but it was far from adequate. The video features the full version with Nick and each Bad Seed playing multiple roles. Brilliant and, as I said before, quite ridiculous.


  1. Delighted to see this series back. Full disclosure: I am a Nick Cave fan so the tracks are known to me but I have not seen many of the videos and they are proving to be a wonderful watch.

  2. Ridiculous as you said Robster. Glad that this series will continue

  3. Delighted to see the return of this series. You're spot on about 'Nocturama' - it's by far my least favourite Bad Seeds album - but there's a few decent things on it. I've got this on 10" vinyl but again, you're right to say that in comparison to the full beast, it is somewhat inadequate.

    He made a lot of great and funny videos in the early years of the 21st Century...almost as if he was spoofing himself or at least the widely held perception of him.