Monday, 5 December 2016

New Order Covered part 3

The final trio of New Order covers brings together two artists beloved of John Peel and one who I'm sure would be if he were still with us. The Boo Radleys were championed in their early days by Peel, and in their third Peel Session in 1991, they recorded a fuzzy, feedback-fuelled version of True Faith, almost as if the Jesus And Mary Chain were doing it.

Peel made no secret of his love for Laura Cantrell, even calling her debut album 'Not The Tremblin' Kind' "my favourite record of the last ten years and possibly my life." Here, she takes on the part of the ghost soldier in Love Vigilantes, one of my favourite New Order songs. There have been quite a few decent versions of this over the years, my favourite being the version put out by the Oyster Band as a single. But Laura's take on it is far from shabby.

Wussy were formed in Cincinnati in 2001 and put their first record out in 2005, a year after John Peel passed away. I think he would have approved of them. Earlier this year, they put out a cover of New Order's debut single Ceremony as a limited edition 7" for Record Store Day. It's fairly faithful to the original, but well worthy of a listen.



  1. You are a constant source of discovery for me. I really should know about these but didn't. And now I do.

  2. The Wussy cover is really good. Don't know the other two (arf!). Yet.

  3. All three of these are really good.

  4. Laura Cantrell's version is beautiful. A sign of a great song is when it can sound so natural in a totally different format. And 'Love Vigilantes' is a great song.