Monday, 26 September 2016

"Sometimes the same is different..."

This was going to be a much longer post about Queens Of The Stone Age (akin to my previous ones about Teenage Fanclub and The Raveonettes), but I think I've been posting too many large articles embedded with multiple You Tube clips and it's causing the pages to take longer to load. So instead, here's one of the tracks it was going to feature.

Originally recorded by Josh Homme's Desert Sessions side project featuring Polly Harvey, I Wanna Make It Wit Chu appeared on 2003's 'Volume 9' EP (later issued on the album 'Desert Sessions 9 & 10'). Homme often revisited Desert Sessions tracks when making QotSA albums, and lo and behold, a newly recorded version (without our Pol, and now titled simply Make It Wit Chu) was included on 2007's 'Era Vulgaris'.

Good groove to this one, one of my faves for sure.


And here's a live clip from Jools from 2003:


  1. You stick anything up that features Polly Jean you are on to a winner. (Homme is also acceptable)

  2. Groovy. The remake was a bit pointless though.

  3. First time I've heard the remake....but first impressison have me sharing the same view as The Swede