Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Welsh Wednesday #65

#65: Lasts, or Eschaton by Charlotte Church

I hear you. "Charlotte flamin' Church? TheRobster's finally lost it!" In my defence, I simply ask you to do this one thing for me. Ready? Forget the opera-singing child star; forget the pop diva; forget the one-time other half of Wales' best-looking (vainest?) rugby international. Forget even the recent political activist. Forget all that and listen to this track without predjudice. Go on. See what our Charlotte has become...

This is the new-phase Charlotte Church, the cool, electro-dreampop Charlotte Church. Who'd have thought it? Since 2012, she has been releasing a series of EPs ('One', 'Two', 'Three' and, erm, 'Four'...) featuring some of the most wonderful music, taking in electronica, alt-folk and math rock influences. Accompanying some of the songs have been stunning visuals, the one for Water Tower (from 'Three') probably being the highlight.

Here though, it seems our Charlie has been channelling Björk among others. She might be singing of a secret fleeting encounter, now just a memory to recall. The title implies however she's singing of the end of time itself:

  "Last night was the end of radio
  The DJ said to think of all of the songs you used to know

  And keep them safely in your head
  ‘Til you can sing them with someone who knows them."

Charlotte has been busy this year filming the new adaptation of 'Under Milk Wood' along with Rhys Ifans. There is a fifth EP in the series yet to be released. I think it might be called 'Five', or something. Hopefully she won't keep it under wraps for long.


  1. I've been following these releases with some captive interest. You're right Robster, it's kinda difficult not to give them a good listening to. Lasts, Or Eschaton has a gripping final coda.
    If she can act, maybe Steven Moffat may consider Charlotte as The Doctor's next (is it last?) companion.

  2. Another decent tune. You've never steered us wrong TheRobster.

  3. Now that was particularly surprising in a very pleasant manner.