Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Welsh Wednesday #5

Dim Deddf, Dim Eiddo by Datblygu

Datblygu (pronounced 'dat-blug-ee') formed in Cardigan, Ceredigion, and were one of the most influential bands in Wales during the early 90s. They paved the way for the likes of Gorky's Zygotic Mynci and Super Furry Animals and various other young Welsh upstarts of a weird and wonderful disposition. Their name - which translates as 'development' - pretty much sums up their experimental nature.

Datblygu 2014
They released three albums between 1988 and 1993, though they began to release material on cassette as far back as 1982. John Peel was probably the only DJ outside of Wales to play their music on the radio, even giving them five live sessions.

It's difficult to listen to a whole Datblygu album. They usually contained a lot of songs which varied widely in style and mood. It is therefore rather difficult to choose a track that represents them to those who have never heard them before. I've chosen Dim Deddf, Dim Eiddo (trans: No Law, No Property) from their final album because it's perhaps one of their more accessible tunes, in a Krautrock-meets-The Fall kind of way. So not that accessible really, but I like it.

Datblygu recently reformed and released the mini-album 'Erbyn Hyn' in June.


  1. So Shirley Bassey next week, then? Im struggling to think of any welsh acts as cringingly awful as certain Scottish ones (Bay City Rollers, Slik, the Crankies, Lena Zavaroni...)

    1. Erm, well there's 'H' from Steps... and Duffy is/was terrible!

  2. It has to be Yr Anhrefn next.

  3. And don't you forget about Llwybr Llaethog!!

    Re Datblygu: I urge you to listen to "Casserole Efeilliaid" from their first single: a masterpiece, this tune!! Although, obviously, I don't understand a single word, but nevertheless ....