Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Welsh Wednesday #2

Siglo dy Sail by Meinir Gwilym

Last week we were in Newport in the South East of Wales. This week we go as far across the country as it is possible to go: to the Isle of Anglesey (or Ynys Môn to give it its Welsh name) in the far North East.

It is likely that unless you live in the Welsh-speaking heartlands of west and north Wales, you may not have come across Meinir Gwilym. However, she is rightfully revered in Wales; she's not only one of the biggest selling Welsh language artists in history, but is also well-known for her TV and radio work. Sadly, of late, she's not been terribly prolific on the music front though a new album is in the making apparently. Her last release, 'Tombola', came out in 2008, far too long ago. 

Today's Welsh Wednesday choice then is Siglo dy Sail (Shake Your Foundations) from 'Tombola' and is one of my favourite songs of hers.

Here's a wonderful video clip of Meinir performing this live in a seaside cafe in Anglesey with harpist Elinor Bennett. You can find out more about Meinir and sample some more of her music on her website.


  1. This is very very good. It reminds me of Melys, but that's probably because it's in Welsh. Shaping up to be an excellent series this. keep going!

    1. You've pre-empted next week's post George! Glad you're enjoying this, and you're right - it's a great little song.