Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Memories of a thousand* gigs #14, #15 & #16

(* probably not actually that many, but who’s counting?)

#14: Gene
Cooperage, Plymouth – 5th November 1998
Also present: Steve B, Jim, Stu

My memory being what it is, I could have sworn I saw Gene on the ‘Revelations’ tour in 1999. Research reveals however they were actually still touring in support of their second album ‘Drawn To The Deep End’. Nevertheless, ‘twas a great performance in which we were not only blessed by the sartorial elegance of singer Martin Rossiter, but a certain Mick Talbot (he of Style Council fame) was playing keyboards with them too!


#15: Tar
TJ’s, Newport - 1st November 1993
Support: Grotus, Naked i

Was I a roadie, an assistant, or just a bloke who hung around with a band? Whatever my role, I was part of the Naked i ‘party’ for a short period when it looked like they might just be getting somewhere. My (sadly) one and only visit to the legendary TJ’s followed the band playing a prestigious showcase gig in London the previous night and a subsequent meeting with EMI Publishing. TJ’s was an awesome venue, perfect for a hot sweaty night of industrial-strength hardcore. Tar and Grotus were touring the UK together, Naked i managed to get an opening slot for this show. They were brilliant, as always – just a shame there wasn’t a few more people there to see them. As expected, Tar also made a fabulous racket. Grotus were the standout, though – ridiculously heavy, ridiculously loud and ridiculously watchable.

  • Giblets – Tar (from ‘Toast’) - no YouTube alternative, will not re-up.
  • Hourglass – Grotus (from ‘Slow Motion Apocalypse’)
  • Panic – Naked i (from ‘Anus Horribilis’ EP) - will re-up by request

#16: Frank Turner
Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff – 16th February 2014
Also present: TheMadster (a.k.a. Sprog the elder)

Notable for it being my first-borns first ever gig! TheMadster (as she is to be known on these pages) soaked it up, wanting to get as close to the front as she could, though the protective dad in me didn’t want her to get hauled into the mosh pit. Thinking about it, the sport-obsessed Madster could probably have handled it; her relentless training and running events, as well as turning out for her school’s netball and girls rugby teams, makes her stronger than I ever was at my first gig!

Frank is a showman, there’s no doubt about that, and he doesn’t really do songs that the audience can’t sing along loudly to, so this was a great choice for a first gig. Madster jumped around, sang and punched the air as if she was the one who had been doing this sort of thing for 25 years! I was out-rock ‘n’ rolled by a 16-year-old debutant – but I felt pride, not shame. How long she’ll want to go to gigs with her old man remains to be seen, but for as long as she wants to rock, I’ll be happy to tag along…


[1] Specially chosen for you by TheMadster! 

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  1. I'm looking forward to the day my lil' one year old will accompany me to her first gig. Unfortunately for me, I was a late starter and will be a lot older than you if that day should come!! Will she still think her dad is cool enough to let him take her? Only time will tell!!